Tier I: Collecting Data

Start to collect data on family in your agency

If you are thinking about incorporating prevention into your current program it is important to understand the need, directly from the youth your program serves.

Questions to consider:

  • Do young people in your program talk about family, or have contact with family members on a regular basis?
  • Is it possible to keep track of how many of the young people you work with refer to family – or indicate a desire to have contact with family members?

TIPS: Gathering Information

In this phase it is important to start paying attention to, and keeping track of, the number of youth in your program who may be talking about family. Some important questions to ask include:

  • How many youth talk about family (negatively or positively)?
  • How many youth call or visit family?
  • How many family members try to contact your program?
  • Do youth have web/email contact with family members?

All of these questions will help you assess the need for family related work within your organization.


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