International Prevention Programs

School based Prevention: Alone in London. – Schools Work project

The Schools Work project is aimed at young people (aged 11 to 18), in order to help them understand and address conflict issues, whether they are occurring at home or at school. The aim of the project is to: prevent family breakdown and youth homelessness; provide crisis intervention; allow young people to be listened to, and;Ensure that long-term support is available.,1666,LA.html

Family Mediation: DePaul Trust

Reconnect is Depaul Trust’s family mediation service for homeless youngpeople and their families. It is based in London, Kent, Oldham and Manchester and the Rochester Young Offenders Institute. The goal of the preventive program is to divert young people (aged 12‐25) from running away, and to intervene when a family crisis threatens to lead to homelessness. They provide trained mediators to help families rebuild relationships.Where appropriate, they seek to help a young person return home, but if it is not possible or advisable to stay at home, they help them plan for a move in the future.

Mediation: Project SAFE, Cocoon House, Washington, USA

Cocoon Project SAFE provides intervention and support to parents experiencing difficulties with their teens. Through phone consultations and educational groups, parents and guardians receive services to strengthen the family and ultimately prevent youth from leaving home. The goal is to keep families intact and youth off the streets and out of harm’s way. Cocoon Project SAFE is designed to help parents and guardians to delve beyond their child’s destructive behaviour patterns to expose the nature of what may be causing the behaviour. The therapist will even follow up with you to review the action plan created in the initial phone consultation and discuss ways to confront barriers that may come up.

System wide approach: Reconnect Australia

The Reconnect program is a national early intervention initiative designed to reduce youth homelessness by reconnecting both homeless youth and youth who are at-risk of becoming homeless with their families, schools, and communities. The Reconnect Program targets young people aged 12-18 (and their families) who are homeless, or at-risk of homelessness. The service delivery model of Australia’s Reconnect program includes: a focus on responding quickly when a young person or family is referred; approaches that include counselling, mediation and practical support; and collaboration with other service providers. As well as providing assistance to individual young people and their families, Reconnect services provide group programs, undertake community development projects and work with other agencies to increase the broader service system’s capacity to intervene early in youth homelessness.

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