Staffing Model

The Family Reconnect Program team has two Family Intervention Counsellors, a Family Reconnect Supervisor, and an outside Clinical Consultant. The program is overseen by the General Manager of the shelter. For more details about our staffing model see  the Policy and Procedure PDF.

Family Intervention Counsellor

Works with youth and families in the program; provides counselling; facilitates workshops and groups; consults with staff. The focus of counselling with youth and families generally focuses on one of the following: family conflict, communication difficulties, coping with anger, life skills, parenting skills, grief and loss, and living well with mental illness.

Program Supervisor

Oversees the day to day operations of the program, including outreach and program promotion; handles overflow clients and supports the intake process with new youth and families.

Clinical Consultant

Provides support to staff through a monthly review of counselling skills and client cases; participates in program development, offers clinical insight into program growth.


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