Our Program

Individual and Family Counselling

The Family Reconnect Program offers counselling services to youth in Toronto shelters interested in developing healthier relationships with their families. As well, counselling services are available to youth and families living in the community, where the youth is at-risk of leaving home and becoming homeless.

The program supports youth and family members to take an in-depth look at the source of conflict, develop goals, and work to re-build their relationships. The program staff work with youth and families to improve communication and coping skills, develop tools to deal with conflict, address trauma, and improve life skills.

The Family Reconnect Logic Model  provides a detailed breakdown of the program components, intervention strategies employed, the risk and protective factors the program aims to address and the short and long term outcomes of  youth and family members.

Youth Groups

Weekly life skills groups offered at Eva’s Place shelter serve to raise awareness of the Family Reconnect Program’s services with youth and staff. In addition, staff work to engage youth in the group who may be new to the shelter or who may not feel like the program is appropriate for them.


Includes outreach to staff and youth at schools and community agencies about homelessness and the program’s services.

Professional Development of Shelter Staff

Education and support for shelter staff in the area of family systems, mental health and community resources.


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