The FRP was established in 2001 when staff at Eva’s Place shelter began to take stock of how often residents were talking about and wanting to connect with their families. It became clear that there were a significant number of youth in the shelter who expressed this desire and who would need support if healthier relationships with their families were going to develop.

The program has grown to include three full time staff and their services are now available to youth and families across Toronto. Referrals for the FRP come from youth shelters, community agencies and self referrals from youth and families.

In 2010, York University professors Daphne Winland and Stephen Gaetz completed a review of the Family Reconnect Program. The reportFamily Mattersincludes an evaluation of the Family Reconnect Program, and takes a close look at the role that prevention strategies, or lack thereof,  have played in the youth homelessness sector in Canada and worldwide.


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